Revolutionising HR Consulting: Your Online Partner for Effective Employment Solutions

People are complex and unique.

Incorporating a team into your business structure can be overwhelming, and the delicate balance between understanding human behavior and navigating intricate employment laws often leads to stress and concern for business owners.

Its easier than ever for disgruntled employees to pursue legal action, and managing a team under the constant fear of litigation can significantly impact your desired business operations and could affect your life outside of your business too.

While you excel in your own business domain, the ever-evolving employment laws and complex HR issues can present a potential minefield

Small Business Success Starts with Smart HR Choices

At My HR Advisor, we specialise in providing tailored HR solutions designed to fuel the growth of small businesses. 

Personalised Solutions

We take a personalised approach, crafting bespoke HR solutions that are perfectly aligned with the needs and goals of your business. Our clients tell us our advice is refreshing as we work with you to find the best solutions that fit your unique business needs, and for you to be able to make informed decisions when it comes to your team.

Cost-Effective Strategies

As specialists in small business HR, we understand the importance of cost-effectiveness. Our solutions are designed to maximise value without breaking the bank.

Compliance Simplified

Navigating HR regulations as a small business can be challenging. Our experts ensure that you remain compliant with ever-changing UK laws and regulations.

Total flexibility

We operate virtually, meaning you can choose how you work with us – email, phone call, video call, WhatsApp or Webchat. We also know that most small business owners don’t work 9-5, so we’re available evenings and weekends too.

What people are saying

"The advice we have received has been invaluable to us over the last few years. We are a very unique social enterprise model, and no request has ever fazed them or gone unanswered. As a small business, it is the perfect solution to our HR requirements as it provides all the benefits of an HR team at a fraction of the cost”
Emma and Terry
Alpacaly Ever After
"The team are always quick to provide us with timely answers. It was one of the best decisions we made to work with My HR Advisor and I highly recommend them to anybody looking for a HR partner"
Channel Bakers
""Expanding my business meant I needed professional HR support when hiring new team members. Having access to the available resources meant I could produce the documents I needed at a time that suited me, and I had peace of mind that I was fulfilling my legal obligations as an employer."

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